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How to Sell eBooks Online on Etsy: Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

So, you want to sell eBooks online on Etsy? Here are some great tips you should consider when selling online!


Etsy is a very popular online marketplace knowing as a platform where you can purchase things such as jewelry, knit sweaters, art, handmade creations, custom furniture, and much more. However, there is more to Etsy, there is a side that very few individuals are aware of. Etsy is a great place for selling eBooks online. Selling digital items on Etsy is another category of items that sell pretty well. So, how to sell eBooks online on Etsy? Is there a guide you can follow.

Before we share helpful tips with you, let’s see what makes Etsy so special?

As we said, this is a very popular marketplace that hosts more than 1.5 million sellers and this number is just getting bigger and bigger. Most of these sellers are artists and they are new to the ecommerce world. Some of the areas that Etsy sellers need the most assistance with are guides, coaching, courses, and ebooks on these topics: SEO, project management, photography, digital marketing, branding, writing, blogging, business design, email marketing, social media, presentation skills, keywords, bookkeeping, and etc.

Some examples of popular EBooks you can find on Etsy are: Etsy SEO Tips, Jewelry Pro, Mini Etsy Shop Critique, How to Start Your Own Business on Etsy, and much more. You can check the Etsy forum and find an inspiration for your new eBook.

Etsy has a pretty vibrant and friendly community and Etsy sellers usually tend to trust and purchase from other Etsy sellers. This is why, Etsy sellers prefer to purchase eBooks, tutorials, and courses on Etsy If you want to attract more buyers, you can answer questions on the forums and interact with other users.

There are a few tricks you can use when selling your eBooks on Etsy. The first trick is to always tailor your products to other Etsy sellers and try to meet their needs and specific problems. Another trick you can follow is to keep it short and practical. There is no need to write a novel. Keep it simple, keep your instructions basic, clear, and to the point.

As long as you meet Etsy’s specific guidelines, there are absolutely no limits to the number of digital items you can offer and sell online. Good luck!


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